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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Baby visit~

Baby is crawling, pulling up, walking around things and eating sushi. Wow, amazing what a year can bring! An early bday visit from Auntie G.

Coffee enjoyment at JJ Bean. When we walked in there were many squeals. Seems Miss E is a bit of a hit there! It's pretty cute the baristas are jumping up and down and hiding under the counter making her grin and giggle.

Can I tell you how much I love to swing???!!!

And did you know they have the best sushi here--yum!-- avocado roll for missy.
Fluevog shoes in Gastown. Mirror reflection picture, great taste in shoes! Janae talking to clerk about a recent pair of boots she got there.

Last weekend we (and Justin) visited good friends across the mountains. We stayed at Corrin's. Here we are with him and his fancy restored GTO. We had a delightful reconnection with friends.

Dear friends Carol and Gary, soon to be grandparents!

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