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Monday, April 4, 2011

Happy Birthday sweet girl!

Our precious girl turned "1" and her mommy (and daddy) had a terrific party. Friends, parents and babies that they got to know in the hospital were there and it was delightful to see them and their babies and hear the excited chatters of the parents as they discussed their year. The babies are all thriving, so the joy of that was pretty contagious!
They had a slide show of the year and it was pretty amazing to think and "see" back. Lots of thankful people and happy babies. Etta had a grin on her face all day.
She is standing alone and showing that off to Uncle J after first using him as a ladder to get there.

"I'm kind of a big deal"....hmmm..really?!
Janae made two cakes of Wembley, Etta's favorite puppet as seen in the background. They were very cute, delicious and admired. Below, she is watching mom light the candles. Having never experienced this before she seemed to know it was for her and was grinning all day long.

I really like the cards!
And my monkey bars (below)

Daddy you're so funny.

And a pair of happy grandpa's. Yes, she is loved.


Anna said...

What a lovely post! So glad I can enjoy it "virtually" even though I wasn't able to be there. The cakes looked AWESOME; well done Janae!! And happy birthday Etta!

auntie g said...

awww good been waiting for this post!! :) love seeing the photos thanks!!
auntie g

Jan said...

How special to get in on the joy of this celebration.
G'ma and G'pa have also been hosting three thankful workers this week. We love getting to live with our families! Happy Birthday to Etta!

Log home living said...

And Jan, we love it too! Thank you for being part of our lives!!