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Monday, March 7, 2011

February/March birthday weekend!

Celebrating with yogurt (and Starbucks!) Happy birthday sweet daughter!

We had a birthday celebration of Kelly, Tonya, Suzanne and Chip. Great family time as usual!!

We see a fairly remarkable resemblance here to a certain auntie.
Etta has developed a new cheesy grin. She knows what the camera means and she
has it down pat--she says, "You want entertainment? You got entertainment!" We'll enjoy this phase while it lasts. Eventually she'll say, "Grandma-puleasse-stop!" But for now.....

Those bananas are slippery, hard to get in your mouth but oh the joy when you do.

--greeting Tucker(above) and below a present from Uncle J
G'ma Suzy and Braden
Birthday bunch + children Notice the homemade cheescakes by Lisa. They were decadent!
birthday mommy and sweet girls~

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kristi said...

that smile! so precious! i can't imagine how you get anything done around there. i'd spend all day at the window, sipping something hot and marveling at the white wonderland and amazing view. i hope you two retirees are doing just that! :)