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Saturday, February 2, 2008

The snowy Casade Mountains

Wow..we don't ever remember seeing the mountains with this much snow. Record snowfalls in the Cascades!


Troy & Lisa said...

Yes, they are so beautiful! Such a treat when it clears to give us all a good view!

Boyd Family said...

Great pictures! We have some hills close to us with beautiful snow too. I wish we would really get a dumping though...this 1 inch once a week and gone by the afternoon is no fun...we need about a foot. The boys would sure love it too.

AlaneM said...

Pretty crazy weather this year! My poor aunt Pam got stuck at mom & dad's for a week waiting for the pass to open!
We've gotten lots of the white stuff here too. In the first big storm last week, we got 8 inches in 1 day. I'm glad we are getting it - we never got any in Kittitas. Guess this was a good move :)
Love you guys,