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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

You should see the other guy!

Yep, he's a lucky guy on this one. He was taking a nail out of some trim board and the pry bar slipped. Its very sharp end hit very close to his eye! Guess that's why we are made with that bone around the socket. Whew!


Troy & Lisa said...

Yikes!! We're sure glad it wasn't any worse! Be careful, Uncle Terry!

The Read family said...

Whew - scary! Glad he's okay. The bruise looks mighty colorful! Heal quickly!

GretchenAnn said...

Poor Dad!! Happy Valentines Day by the way and see you soon!! Love Gretchie

Boyd Family said...

Donna...are you sure you didn't get mad because he didn't get you a new Starbucks card? Terry, that looks awful and I'm sure it hurts worse! Hopefully the bruising will be gone soon! Take care.

Kelly and Janae said...

Oh the looks he'll get out and around town. Mr. tough guy gettin' in all the rumbles. Glad Dad is ok, and that hes a lover not a fighter.

AlaneM said...

Poor Terry, that looks like me after wrestling with my boys!