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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Family time...

Terry's brother Tom and wife Jean, sister and husband Ken visit for the day. We so thoroughly enjoyed our day and said again we must have more of them!Tom is not sure this game challenges his intellect enough. But we're sure it is good for him!

The sun peeks through enough to show dramatic snow on our mountains!


Lois said...

Just thought I'd check in again and say I'm still a fan of your blog! Been meaning to email 'cause I have too much to say in just a "comment"! I will eventually, but am getting ready for a long trip overseas this week. I DO love the pics of your home, your scenery, your family and friends, and all you share!
Lois G.

Log home living said...

Thank you Lois, I was just mentioning to a fellow Montanan that I so enjoyed our reconnection!