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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Garden Huette

Our girls with European "roots" and connections. Michelle, Terri and Gretchen. They know about these garden huettes.

A garden huette in Austria is a little garden "cabin" that city people set up by their little garden plot out in the country. Many of these are clustered together. They are pretty rustic but in Austria, it's all pretty grand. When we went to visit Gretchen there 4 years ago, we loved the "old worldness" of Austria.
Well that "old worldness" has come to our house. Terry has built our very own "garden hut". He has added his log touches and I'm a very happy gardener. I picture my rustic garden bench inside for potting, sorting seeds, starting veggies, transplanting, and maybe even doing some painting out there. I will have all my tools hung over the workbench, a tub of compost and soil beneath it and a stool. Yep, the stool. Every handyman has a stool. I just have to say again (and again) my husband constantly amazes me by what he comes up with. He's a great man to "ride the river with". I've been blessed, yes, I have. I'm looking forward to retirement and hope I can be just a little bit as productive as he is! And if not as productive, I'd like to at least be a little bit of the wonderful person he is.
And if he read this, he'd be mortified!--so guess it'll be our little secret www.


Anna said...

Very sweet! He sure is a top bloke. :)

Kari D. said...

I agree. You couldn't have found a grander man. But I think he's a pretty lucky guy too.

Deanna Huddle said...

Yes, Terry is pretty topnotch, all right!

dt said...

what a wonderful gardening place - love it! and if you ask me your both incredibly special! :)

Boyd Family said...

Love, love, love it! You are so lucky to have such a wonderful hubby too! He must love you an awful lot!