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Friday, December 31, 2010

Family and the Holidays

The dress Miss E is wearing is the same one her mom is wearing in the picture beside her. Mom was 1 year and Miss E is 8 months. The dress was a special gift 30 years ago from Pete and Peggy. I guess I was keeping it just for this special photo. There is a remarkable resemblance!

This first Christmas holiday time was delightful with our granddaughter. She made us all laugh, smile and sing. The hand-knit blanket, below, was made by Auntie G. It was delightful to have her with us this year too.

We wake up to SNOW! I hear a very excited little girl in the loft yell, "It's snowing! Look, it's snowing!"

Story-time with "uncle-grandpa" is a favorite.
The girls loved working with Uncle Terry in his workshop. They were busy making gifts out of wood pieces.

Below, another favorite is cookie time with Auntie Tonya. She cranks them out, doing the hard part while all the girls cut them out and decorate them. They taste wonderful too.

Great Uncle Tom and Aunt Jean meet Miss E for the first time--
Tonya and Dan had Christmas dinner for us. It was lovely and delicious. Swedish meatballs and all the trimmings. And a Christmas dessert of red and green (meringue and fruit). And of course beautifully laid out. Let's see, Martha would say that differently I'm sure....beautifully appointed? delightful ambiance? nostalgically inspiring? ok...
We also had a choco-chili feed/trifle dessert Christmas Eve at Troy and Lisa's but ALAS, I forgot my camera! It was also wonderful, the trifle was decadent! These ladies can cook!

The delighted "trio" cousins. Auntie Ton gives her a vintage "golden" book, lots of the old stories, just right for this little girl!

Miss E got a vintage Fisher Price record player (Uncle J)and vintage FP milk truck(her mom and dad). hmmm, how did Santa know? But g'ma and g'pa gave her mostly books. She loves them, esp. when grandpa reads to her.


Boyd Family said...

You don't happen to love that little one do you...I cannot tell! Loved all the pictures! Miss E is so perfect in her Mommy's dress. Happy New Year to some of my favorite people!

Deena said...

What a fun & wonderful holiday everyone had, all thanks to the presence of little Miss E!! ;-) The side-by-sides of her in her mommy's pink dress are just precious and I LOVE her facial expressions!