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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

UDub football

The game? Not so good. The tailgating--great! But hey that stadium is a great place to see all the sights in Seattle. And on this particular day, the sights off the field were the best!
Cute sisters~

A great organizer and wonderful "brunch" food~


ryan and kristi said...

hey...my family! :) isn't it great that good friends make bad football fun?!!

Sandra Ramey said...

that looks so fun...tailgating party at a football game!

ryan and kristi said...

like those costumes, hey? just wait till i get up a post of tee's harvest party. :) she had 30 visiting teens and it was a blast. so special to share a meeting with them all the next day. i first have to get this new computer straightened out and then those pics will be coming. hugs!