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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pheasants in North Dakota

Wow--Pheasants in North Dakota--it's a BIG DEAL!!

Justin, is your safety on?--that's good!
Melanie's husband, Duane (2nd from right) treated Terry, Justin and Bud to a guided pheasant hunt that was as good as the hype. It is on the farm in N. Dak. belonging to my sister-in-law (Audrey)and her sister(Ann) who just happen to be Melanie's mom and aunt. They've gone several years to the farm, where these two grew up. Their parents farmed it for many years, a beautiful dry land farm near Regent. Duane and his son Logan (2nd from left) have hunted here for several years and they know it well. Terry said they were amazed at the graciousness of their host (Duane). He gave them the "royal" package and they loved it. It was COLD, colder than Duane ever remembered it, but even with 33 degree weather, they came back with glowing report of their time. --And he's a marvelous camp cook to boot--
Thanks, Duane!

The campfire and eating Duane's great cooking. I got these 4 pictures from Melanie. Duane is in picture below with Pepper and his bird. He's an unlikely bird dog but a good one!

Melanie, Janessa, Roger and Audrey came for the last few days of Duane and Logan's stay. They got there in time for the "warm up" temps as the WA crew headed home. Nice to intersect for a day.

A morning's work....


A metal sculptor made these wonderful sculptures near the road. I love this one. There is a water line, a fisherman and "under the sea" scenes. It's pretty amazing. The highway these are on is called the "Enchanted Highway".

And while they were gone I got to go to Vancouver for my first Canadian Thanksgiving. We had a delightful, relaxing, delicious time. Sushi, Starbucks and stuffing and a walk on the seawall--doesn't get much better than that! I think perhaps the reason their Thanksgiving is 1st is that they are so much "farther"north, they had to celebrate their harvest earlier with Squanto so he could get down south for the one at Plimouth(yep, that's the historical spelling)!

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Boyd Family said...

Wonderful pictures of N.D. Glad he didn't freeze...all in all it looks like a great trip! We're looking forward to some bird!