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Monday, April 6, 2009

Signs of Spring

A hummingbird--finally still.
trillium-a woodsy flower

We went to Tri-Cities for former student Mike Reilly's wedding. Terry had Michael in 5th grade and they reconnected when he played football for CWU. He was a standout quarterback and is now awaiting word on the NFL draft. It's a special connection. Justin hopes it's strong enough for some Seahawk tickets if he gets drafted here! :o)

Our former neighbor Joanne has goats! Janae would have put them in her pocket if she'd been along. They were soooo cute!

Our spring break started at the Oregon Coast. It was rainy and cool but very beautiful. And the coffee shop downstairs was very cozy~


Kelly and Janae said...

YAY for the baby goats- why didn't you put one in your pocket and bring it home?

Pamella said...

Surprise visit! This is a great way to reconnect! I've enjoyed looking through your blog tonight. Looks like "Life is good". One of the perks when the Lord is at the helm. :) Pam Grant Miller

Sandra Ramey said...

Oh Donna,
It looks like you were enjoying coast near us....we LOVE the beach!
Those goats are adorable!