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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

We were missing our little people and their parents so we made a valentine visit. Terry is "dancing with Julia" and that brought lots of giggles and "more..more"! We had a great supper of BBQ burgers, baked veggies, cupcakes and ice cream. In the above picture Nurse Julia decided my hurt leg needed care so I got a full VERY serious check-up and was pronounced well.
Jaqueline and I played "masterpiece"--a difficult game-- but she managed to explain it to me and then proceeded to trounce me! Tonya said when she was trying to explain it to her she finally said, "Oh mommy, just do your best!"

Baby Braden made a surprise visit--his first! He was content and relaxed after feeding. Troy is getting him used to the color purple--good choice!

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Sandra Ramey said...

What a lovely picture of you, Donna! Sweet little baby too.