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Sunday, February 8, 2009

The day the trees came down...

Above: Before we start...

Well, not all of them. Just the dying alders, the stressed cedars and the maple and fir trees that swayed dangerously close to the house in windstorms(about 17). Gary O. did an amazing job! He laid them down EXACTLY where he said he would.
Four right by the front porch.

The maple was huge and had to be cabled. Gary discovered it had a lot of rot so it was good to be taken down. Now we have more sun--yay!
There weren't even any plant casualties. The only one was me. The 2nd tree down, I was helping drag the big limbs out of the way after Terry cut them off. As I pulled one away, I felt like I'd been shot in the back of the leg. I must have released one of the limbs under tension from the fall. Wow--that hurt! I was very upset as I wanted to be much more helpful. I limped around all day taking pictures.
And now Terry's work begins(I hope to be a bit more helpful soon). Justin, Kelly and Janae are coming in a couple Saturdays to help. There is lots of good firewood and lots of "dump" wood to get rid of. Right now it looks like a hurricane blew through.

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Shirley said...

Wow! So it looks like Gary is still in business! :)