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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy Anniversary Dan and Tonya!

We enjoyed our sweet family for the weekend. It just happened to be Dan and Tonya's anniversary so they headed off to LaConner while we got the girls. We did love that.
......watching the neighbor fly his remote control airplane
.........moon sand

We go on a "field trip" close by to see the swans.
taking flight!
loving Tucker.....

pizza after gospel mtg. and then to see Grandpa Jim's bird "Squawk"--and squawk he did!

After talking to Justin on Skype and laughing at his hilarious mug shots for the camera, they were getting ready to leave. Julia had become her famous "meow"--a cat. She laid down on Terry's shoe and pretended to sleep. "I'm staying--meow"--we know that wouldn't have lasted long! But it was a nice thought!
Another very funny story--Jacqueline doesn't really like the neighbor dog, Sammie. I've been telling her what a nice dog she is. "But she just jumps all over you!"..
Anyway, much later on the way home it was dark (key point here) and I hear this little voice, "Auntie Donna?" "Yes?" "Is Sammie nocturnal?" We're still laughing about that one!

Obviously we love it when they come!


Troy and Lisa said...

Looks like fun again! The "nocturnal" story is too funny!

Shirley said...

Great photos! The girls are sooo cute!

Boyd Family said...

So completely adorable girls! I love the nocturnal story!

Lane and Sylvia said...

They are such adorable little girls. They grow so incredibly fast. Every day some wonderful new thing.