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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Family and Friends to be Thankful for....

Many cooks make light work!

Ryan and Sheila and Ryan's mom Sharon(Calgary) join us from Vancouver (Janae and Kelly too!)--as well as Jean and Marj from here--all Canadians. It was so nice to make "connections". Sharon and I became facebook friends computer to computer sitting side-by-side--our kids were laughing at us. Suzanne joined us for the holiday too and that was so nice.

Justin (not Annie) gets his gun..no we're not joining the NRA. But Terry and Justin are planning a pheasant hunting trip with my brothers/nephews to North Dakota next fall.

Justin and Kelly buy remote-control helicopters which were flying and crashing all over--quite exciting trying to get a picture "in flight".

Tucker moves to Canada with "mom". He hates being outside in winter --so Janae and Kelly are taking him to the north country where he will be an "inside" cat for the winter.

And now already looking forward to the next holiday!!--We love having our family around our fire and look forward to having Gretchen around it the next time we're together! Yipee!


k♥d said...

Hi Donna & Terry,
I love looking at your blog and LOVE these house pictures- your home looks so cozy & warm- I just want to come over!! It just looks beautiful.
check out our blog too:
dk-beehive.blogspot.com *Krispi

Kariza said...

I love looking at pictures of your log cabin. Brings back feelings of comfort and makes me feel at home.
Fun to follow your blog. It was funny, I thought it said the boys were going on a "pleasant" hunting trip, then I reread it and it said "pheasant". It's very special that Gretchen gets to come home soon for Xmas.
Much love.

Mochas, Mountains and Moby Wraps said...

It was so nice to be at your warm inviting cozy home today! Thanks for including us!!! Oops, just now read the first comment and realized I copied her sentiments -but it's TRUE! I came home telling Trevan I want to figure out how come your place is so inviting and see if we can find some elements of that to install here! But alas, I think the magic is probably the occupants AND the charming log house, decor, view, etc and so ... I guess we're stuck just being our boring selves in our boring house! =)
Gretchie said maybe we can get together Dec 24th? I'll talk to Justin about making plans accordingly - we don't want to miss her!