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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Trip Through the Locks

John and Sheri take us on their boat through the locks into Lake Union. Frank, Steve and grandkids, plus Darren and Diane from Montana were along too. Wow--what a delightful trip. Picture above: the 1st mate is preparing the ropes. Below: Travis and Glenda digs--we are impressed!!

So Terry, isn't that guy way too close?

Captain and 1st mate

Joel and Coral bring dinner down to celebrate arrival of Dad Merritt and Nancy. Gourmet shishkabobs~ Below, Joel invites friend Ralph-- a big surprise for Merritt. We were delighted to see them up here after our 3 weeks with them in California. They came to see the many friends at convention. We could not believe all the people Merritt knew!

Lots of people at convention thought Nancy and I were sisters--we are!

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