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Monday, August 4, 2008

Family Reunion at Lake Wallowa

Lake Wallowa is as beautiful as we remembered, some 20 years ago when we camped there with friends. These cousins(and spouses 2nd pix), are children of Gilbert, Bruce and Jane. There is now a 4th generation coming to these reunions. "Let's see and you are ??" Tom and Jean mostly masterminded this one and we do appreciate their efforts! It was great!
We head up the Sky Tram to top of Mount Howard. Look at the shirts--we didn't plan this really--I had my Saipan shirt on too. Guess we were all missing you Gretchen!!

Joseph, Or. home to 4 bronze foundries. We toured one--fascinating! Now we know why they cost so much, very labor intensive and "artists serving artists".

On the way home we stopped at Spout Springs where Terry skied as a boy. We have his first set of wooden skis (used on this hill) on our wall.


ryan and kristi said...

ah...we just barely missed you. hope you fed our furry friend. ryker couldn't believe that deer, peeking in our window as we ate our burgers. take care, you two. kristi

farmermarvswife said...

hi - just a quick note today. I sent a note with Carl to give you at Milltown - hope he doesn't forget! I've not had much time to get pictures on my site yet and I'm also having computer problems! : ( This is from my lap top and it doesn't always act right either!! All now. Minnie