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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


 One last look at the beaches of So. Cal for awhile.  We are glad Miss Gretchie that you introduced us to the beauty of this place and love enjoying it with you!

Miss Munchkin and grandpa. This is her favorite spot in the house! Notice the book is in German. Gretchen is the only one that can read it but Etta doesn't care. It's an animal farm book so made up story line is great.

 Early January snows. It is Etta's first for walking in. She is not so sure about the sledding.

 In fact, it is pretty relaxing when you go this route.

 Making bread with grandma.

Boulevard Park. Coffee. Delightful walk by the water. Photo op. Family. Love this.

Happy Birthday Kelly! Yummy cake by Janae~ entertainment by Etta~

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mwilliams said...

I love these pics! Etta just keeps getting cuter and cuter! The pics of So. Cal are awesome, too! I'm sure you are already making plans to visit Alaska. Thanks for sharing!