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Friday, November 26, 2010

Turducen for Terry--FINALLY!

So this is what Terry has wanted to get for Thanksgiving for a long time. This year we ordered one and it was delicious. It's a turkey, stuffed with a duck, then a hen. All boned and with a cornbread/wild rice stuffing, Creole style from the south. We all loved it. I think a new tradition has been born. Glad you prevailed, honey! Above you can see the 3 different meats.

Wonderful family and friends~ missing Tonya and girls visiting Minnesota grandma for the holiday. So happy that our Aussie friends, Ben and Anna, got back from their homeland ( Wed) to join us again this year.

A walk for "pie"..no pie till we go for a walk.

Special cuddle times...bliss, yes.

Etta's first snowfall as well as first American Thanksgiving...and did I mention that we are VERY THANKFUL for her? Oh, ok...guess you knew.

Justin entertains all of us, mostly Etta and Braden. They loved it.

Can I try that Uncle J?


sonicboom105 said...

Aww....looks like a wonderful time with lots of special people! Sorry we missed, but looking forward to the big Cookie Baking Day!

Sandra Ramey said...

Oh yes...that's what is all about. Donna, you captured all the moments of family and friends enjoying time together!

Anna said...

Another wonderful Thanksgiving at the log home... we're so happy that we can join in on this lovely tradition!! THANK YOU for making us so welcome and treating us like part of the family! :)

Delle said...

some familiar faces here :D Thanksgiving looks AMAZING as does the Turducen!! I've never even heard of such a thing!!