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Friday, October 8, 2010

Our new Garden Cabin takes shape!

I'm so excited! Terry is building my retirement gift. Well ok, we will share it and I'm not sure he's heard about the retirement gift part. But I think he'll go with me on that. You've heard of a "man cave". We this is "our" cave (cabin). He's building a potting bench inside and I'll have my cozy corner (side)--hmmm, is my space growing as we speak?--
He is a gardener too, actually much more knowledgeable than I am, so yes, we will share, cuz I really need him when I'm gardening (mulching, weed-eating, spraying, mowing, making new raised beds, planting trees).. on second thought what is it I do? Oh yeah, the fun stuff. He does the work. Thank you honey! You make my part of gardening a joy!
And I've promised that this will not mean "more stuff". True, caves must be uncluttered -or they feel like root cellars. That conjures up all kinds of "growing up on the prairie" thoughts.

He and Justin framed it in and put the roof on...and the work continues. More updates as they develop.

Tucker likes the break time.

And no post is complete without our precious baby!


Anna said...

What a great idea! And if this is the retirement gift, when's the retirement? ;)

Log home living said...

Next June--yipee!

kristi said...

So sad that needy kiddos are going to have to do without your brilliance, Donna, but so happy that you get to retire!!! Loved getting to hold Baby Etta and talk with Janae for a wee bit - and we're hoping they'll come stay with us sometime soon. I can see why you can't get enough of Etta - what a dolly!

Log home living said...

Oh Kristi..you are so sweet. Brilliance no...but loving kids yes, most of the time~
Janae loved her time with you too..said she felt very connected even though it had been a long time. Looking forward to your #3!

Sandra Ramey said...

What a neat idea...yay! Dave adn I both love working in our yard too! Looking forward to seeing the finished project:)