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Monday, August 9, 2010

Our Montana Roots--family reunion 2010

Four of my brothers with most- not all - of our families. We had a wonderful 4 days, eating, laughing, playing, singing,reminiscing... and enjoying the beautiful northwest. As Nathan put it, it was like we just picked up where we last left off. And for some of the cousins, it had been awhile. It was truly delightful, better than we imagined. I think Mom and Dad would have been very happy to see that yes, family is a big deal. Thanks all of you for your help and making it truly memorable!

**click on picture to enlarge it

Sweet nieces Kayla and Stephanie. Below, Duane makes a biscuits and gravy breakfast (with help from his wife). It was delicious!

We head down to the waterfront, stopping first at Ivars, of course. Then off to Pike Place. Kayla brings her board and we're all quite impressed with her skill.

Then off to the Mariner's game. We took the bus from downtown. Here we are coming up from the tunnel. That was quite an adventure--just staying together, of course we nearly filled the bus and at every stop Julia loudly shouts, "Aunt Donna is THIS the one?" Justin told us ahead of time so when we got to the international stop she shouts again, "This is IT everyone!" and by that time the whole bus knew we were together!

3 cousins below. Jacqueline and Julia stuck close to Janessa all week. Janessa was a great "big sister" cousin!
Be careful, Zack, the bug will bite! Cousin Steph enjoys Etta.

Who needs to get a picture of Ichiro? We have Mel!

Etta is at her first Mariner game. It was Braden's first too. He and his daddy even have the "gear". Justin arranged our downtown tour and busing/tickets to the game. But alas, he couldn't arrange a win. sigh..can anyone?

Friday--to the beach at Deception Pass~wahoo, gorgeous day!
Jack Nicholson?

Roger will go the extra mile to give his grandson Zack a drink..oops..forgot to tell him, shoes and pants don't dry out quickly in the northwest!

The pro (above), the novice (looking like a pro) below..after all isn't that what it's about? Actually Kayla shares her board.

The kids swim in Cranberry lake and it was so warm, well, pretty warm.

Kelly, went all the way in and swam a bit. We all love the water but I'm pretty sure we've never done that in the salt water at Deception Pass..SO COLD! If Gretchen would have been here, she'd have joined him I'm sure! Terry grills burgers, below.

My sweet nieces (above and below). We end the day with s'mores and popcorn at Troy and Lisa's.
The cousins (in birth order)..3 not here Tim, Gretchen, and Casey. They'd be below Justin and in the order mentioned.
The bunch! Justin got better pictures but this will do for now. Our last day was dinner, pictures, games, and more visiting and finally singing around the piano, just as we did growing up. We leave with happy hearts having reconnected again.

Playing bocce ball--3 sibs, Clay, Steph and Kayla on the left, Travis, Logan, Kelly and Dan.

And finally to cap it all off, Tonya published a wonderful recipe book/biography of our family. It was a tremendous amount of work and we appreciate it very much!


Melisa said...

How awesome to see these pictures and especially to see Nathan since he wasn't at the game! I haven't seen him since at least when we were 16 or 17!!

sonicboom105 said...

Great photos of a memorable time. Thanks for all your organization and work!

Troy, Lisa, and Braden said...

Thanks so much for all your efforts to pull it together! You made it special for everyone. Good times...

gretchen said...

oh thank you thank you for posting these! fun to see!!

Boyd Family said...

Looks like you had a blast! Wish the weather would have been a bit better for you but it didn't stop you from doing it all! Loved the pictures.