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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Grandma got a smile

Now there have been lots of smiles but I hadn't gotten the "intentional" one--just the random ones. This one was my grandma is really silly and goofy singing "itzy, bitzy spider" a million times ..so I guess I'll smile and grin at her. And the squeaks that went with it..oh yes..it looks like this with momma. I couldn't get it with me cuz how do you sing "Itzy, Bitzy", and take pictures. You'll just have to trust my euphoria. It was for real.

The Green From the Garden

This is one sprig of red leaf lettuce from the garden. It was too pretty to eat, so I let henny penny have it.

Two of the three raised beds Terry has made me. I add one each year. He sees the handwriting on the wall on this one! Retirement..? --a yard full of raised beds!

This was June 26th, below was July 10th. Oh what 2 weeks will do with SUN!

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gretchen said...

LOVE the photo of naz and little miss. :) cool raised beds! way to go pops! xoxo