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Monday, July 5, 2010

Fourth, Fireworks, Family, Friends, Food and yes, a "Fifth birthday"!

Well, Tonya, Dan and crew did it up right again for the 4th. It was a red, white and blue feast and spread worthy of a magazine photo shoot but alas the paparazzi didn't find us. Well they may have tried but in this city I'm sure they couldn't get down the street. This neighborhood does the 4th BIG! All the neighbors were in the streets by dusk, lighting off their fireworks and hot air balloons. Those were quite exciting and the kids loved to see them disappear into the sky. Braden liked them best..no "boom"! Julia's 5th was celebrated and she couldn't figure out whether to be more excited about that or the fireworks. In years past, the girls alternated between joy and fear but this year only frazzled excitement abounded!
Grandma Suzie did her magic with the patriotic bear cake, cousin Tami was there too, helping Martha put it all together. Dan and Chip were pretty much on fire all night, wearing out lighters. And the rest of us, well we did what we always do, ate, cheered and covered our ears!
Thanks Dan and Ton--ya did it up good! On our way home, the entire sky was alit with Americans saying "Happy Birthday" to their country. Judging by how many we saw, I think maybe that fireworks sales could easily turn this country's economy around!


Anonymous said...

oh those little sweeties are getting BIG!!!!!!!
smooches from auntie g

sonicboom105 said...

What awesome photo journalism you do! Thanks for documenting this event!

valfrid said...

Nice post about the fireworks for sale...