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Sunday, July 25, 2010

2 Fathers, 2 Sons,.. Ross Lake

Brian, Matt, Terry and Justin had a great fishing/camping/boating/eating trip at Ross Lake. They'd wanted to do it for some time but it isn't a simple thing which is what makes it more of an adventure. First, after getting their wilderness permit at Marblemount, they parked at a trailhead and walked about a mile with all their gear down the trail to Ross Lake. On a tree (yes, really!) they called Ross Lake Resort who then boated over to pick them up. The only other way to get in there with your own boat is to go through Canada, a rather lengthy trip. Anyway, they rented boats and went uplake about 10 miles camping on an island. I think that's a good choice since bears like food and they were well-supplied. Matt and Justin brought most of the food, which was a good thing as Terry was thinking backpacking and had granola bars and instant oatmeal. Luckily the sons were thinking "real food" so they ate well.
They did lots of boating, fishing and hiking and had a great time. It was beautiful up there as the pictures show. A good place to go again, but I'm eyeing the floating cabins for rent, just in case I'm invited. Justin and Terry have much more patience for fishing than I do. Of course I could stay at the floating cabin and read a book, hmmm...nice!

**Pictures courtesy of Justin.


Anna said...

Wow, that looks really picturesque!! Did they eat any of the fish they caught? :)

Log home living said...

yep..one, most got away as they had forgotten their net :o)

Deanna Huddle said...

I'm with you - the floating cabins - with a good book or two sound like the real deal!! I'm just glad the guys had fun! Justin's pictures are awesome, as usual!

Justin said...

Thanks for posting!!. I am going to devote an evening to blog catch up someday :). Or is your blogging time for hire... that might be a better idea yet!