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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Baby Etta

Yes, Etta has reached her due date in style. You'll have to read Janae's blog to see a complete descriptive account of what that means from the viewpoint of Miss Etta. Grandpa hadn't seen her for awhile so we spent a few days there and the pictures below pretty much capture Grandpa's complete devotion to his granddaughter. What a wonderful "Father's Day" gift!

Grandma got her snuggles in too. There can't be anything much sweeter!
We took some walks--this one around the neighborhood-- and enjoyed the fresh air.

Happy Father's Day Kelly! Miss Etta is a very lucky little lady to have you and mommy for her parents!!
We were giggling over this picture because Etta had just had a good nurse and her belly was full! --" Life is good" she says!


gretchen said...

oh these pictures! she's a keeper.

Kelly and Janae said...

I like how in the one photo, if you zoom you can see that dads watch says 7:36- which meant I was fast asleep upstairs! thanks again for your help and your adoration for etta- its great to see you so excited! love- j,k&e

Deena said...

Lucky little Etta with all of you to love her so much! And easy to see why you do. What a cutie!