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Friday, May 14, 2010

Our sweetheart.

Yes, baby is doing so well. She's amazing us all. And yes, she is so loved. I had to hurry and post this as Uncle Justin is up there and I'm sure he's getting some great pictures. I have to put one of mine on before I steal his. We're trying to keep Auntie Gretchen supplied with photos too so she can "grow" with us.

And here is the cradle boat that Grandpa Terry made for her. He loved making it!

"birthdate" is the boat registration~


kjsmith said...

Thanks for posting! Etta is so so beautiful, and the cradle is incredible. I can't wait (!!) to meet her.

Boyd Family said...

Could she be any cuter? Oh, so so sweet and she has a lovely Mommy :)!

abf said...

We are glad to hear Etta is doing so well. That cradle is amazing, I just signed up for a woodworking class today- thats inspiring.