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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Olympics!

The Yankee and the Canuck

You'll notice I got a lot of "backs". That's cuz I was always walking behind someone and was fascinated by their country of origin.

Athlete's Village across the water (False Creek)

Curling, the Danes vs the Norwegians. The Norwegians get "Best of Show"--for their pants.

The Victory Ceremony--live from Whistler above. Notice the flags going up, Norway won gold (that's his back) America the silver and bronze.
It was NW Territories night at the Victory Celebration. It was their "cultural" night. Very neat.

At the cauldron. Gotta love those RED MITTENS. I have one for sale :o)

The Olympics were quite an experience. The people that you rubbed shoulders (literally) with as you walked all over downtown Vancouver, at events, at the cauldron (above), were from all over the world. I took pictures of coats--Russia, Belarus, Czech, Norway, Sweden. I'd put them on here but you know really our son Justin's blog just says it all and the photos are so good. I see Janae added some very good "local" views as well. I'll try to get some on here too. But do you really want to see the Russians from the back? My gorgeous red mittens were pretty photogenic though.

So head to their blogs--and you'll get a very good look at the Olympics. Thanks Justin! Thanks Janae and Kelly for a"royal" treat.

P.S. Yes, I've now added mine.


Kelly and Janae said...

yes I want to see the backs of russians, belarussians, czech's, etc- some of them had awesome jackets. Please lets have a look!

Laura B said...

I am very, very jealous that you guys went to the OLYMPICS! I LOVE THE OLYMPICS! :) Love, Laura