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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

S. Cal. in December--a great place to be!

The only kind of snowman you'll see down here!

Wonderful sunsets, coffee, restaurants and friends, beaches..........

Crossing the border(maybe?)...scary!

The beaches were fabulous and we got a lot of beach time~

Tanya and her sibs and ours grew up together in TC. So nice to see her!

Huntington Beach--cool people hang-out....like the cool dude below, soon to celebrate his 35th wedding anniversary. Wonder who his very lucky wife is???

The beaches are ENDLESS! and did I mention ________?
And need I say more??? Yes, we got our "sun" fix..as in sun attached to warmth!


Boyd Family said...

Love, love, love these pictures! Looks like you had so much fun just hanging out! Happy 35th anniversary too!

Kelly and Janae said...

I also love these pictures, everyone is always smiling or laughing. Missed being there...but would agree Christmas in the sun ain't so bad!

Sandra Ramey said...

Lovely place and times! We just had our 33 anniv in Dec. Congrats on yours!

Kariza said...

Wow--it looks like you had a very special time! Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family in a beautiful place (that's my word of the day today).