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Monday, September 21, 2009


Scenes from the garden..these tomatoes (our favorite) are one day's haul. It's been a wonderful year for them.

Terry's making a sidewalk.

Little froggie warming up.

We spent the night on John and Sheri's boat. We went from downtown Seattle (Elliot Bay) to Poulsbo, where we anchored for the night. It was a beautiful evening and calm night. Very delightful. ~grilled burgers and great visits~nice! Thanks John and Sheri!

Danny has finished the rock. Looks great. He's a very good craftsman with rock, we highly recommend him.

Lisa's parents were here-- enjoying their grandson.

Dan M came to see G'ma Mildred. It was a wonderful privilege to be included! Mildred is 96!-she's amazing~

Terry and I have been doing some biking. It's been a gorgeous fall to do that! Mr. frog (below) agrees with that weather sentiment.


Kariza said...

Your tomatoes look delicious! I like the new sidewalk. Good work Terry! Just good to get glimpses of you 2 enjoying life. Lots of love to you.

Boyd Family said...

Your tomatoes are beautiful! Wow! I love the sidewalk too and all your great pictures. Looks like you had a very good time with John and Sheri!

Sandra Ramey said...

Had to send another "your tomatoes look fabulous!" comment. They really do and all your projects and biking....that's great! Cute frog too:)