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Sunday, July 12, 2009

July--ahhh, summer!

We have our annual 4th of July/Julia's birthday at the Taylors. It is famous for their FABULOUS smoked ribs, delicious sides and cake by Suzanne. Also are the "firebugs" better known as grown-up pyrotechnicians--Chip, Dan and Justin. Troy was being Dad this year. The kids reactions are shown below. Julia had her ears covered all night--even when it was the snakes on the rock. She knew a BOOM! was just around the corner!

Happy 4th Birthday Julia!--yes, Auntie's is around the corner too, so I got a song and Tonya found some of my old books as a 5 yr. old--what a treat--I still remember reading them.
Braden's 1st 4th of July--

And moving on..........
For my 56th birthday, Terry and Drew "surprised" me after mtg with cake and song--and the next day Janae took me to a favorite sushi restaurant, Wasabi, in Bellingham.

Then Saturday, we had another party at Troy and Lisa's--minus the fireworks, unless you count Uncle Wayne, who provides his own--(sorry Wayne, couldn't resist). Lovely dinner as well!

Troy is working on his yard, making us all tired!--but it is looking wonderful.

My dear friend and former teaching partner Kaye and her family came today for lunch. It was so wonderful to see them and to see Tony, her husband, who is amazingly mostly recovered from his illness 2 years ago. I can't spell it but sort of like this Guillian-Barre? Anyway, we had a delightful time catching up and Terry taught with her sister Leslie so they caught up too. Thanks for coming you guys--let's not wait so long. They also have a new KaHS Brave, Kevin so the beat goes on!

Love this lady--! And miss teaching with her (and Jane)~

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Boyd Family said...

Loved all the pictures! Sorry I missed your b-day party! Happy b-day again! Looks like you've been enjoying the summer.