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Monday, February 23, 2009

Featured Cat--Tucker

Bliss on a cold January day!

Hey Mom, can you open that bag of "Whisker Lickin's" a bit faster?

Poor Tucker. A roaming "unneutered" cat came up on our step, deemed Tucker a threat (he was not) and when Terry got out there, the fur was flying. Tucker was left with a couple puncture wounds which eventually needed vet care. Janae got this collar to stop the incessant licking.
He will be fine but all pet owners of unneutered pets--Beware--your cat will NOT be fine if he stalks over here again!
Tucker was so good at the vet--he even called him a "gold star" patient. Way to go Tuck!


Kelly and Janae said...

gold star?! wow- I'm so proud.

Kariza said...

Love the Elizabethean collar. Feel better soon Tucker!