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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Special friends--the Boyd boys (and their parents)!

Oh--who gets to put in the final jigsaw piece???

Good times, good food, regaling stories (by Wayne) on New Years. Gretchen made lava cakes (deelishus!) and Troy is proceeding to share the whip cream with the lava cakes and anything close by!~~it's already been wiped off his shirt in this picture :o)
Gretchen heads back to CA but one final coffee stop before she catches her plane.

misc. photos --out of order as you can see! These from Sunday, the 28th...family dinner here.
Games and good family times..Jacqueline and Gretchen were a "team".

Last year we enjoyed a Canadian custom of "crackers". Well, it may not be their custom but we sure enjoyed it at Ang's parents..so we adopted it~~

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Troy and Lisa said...

Such a nice time at your house, as always! That's a really good pic of Janae and Kelly.