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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Snow --and then comes the flood of '09

Our normal route into Mt Vernon/Burlington--Swan road....hmmm, guess we'll go around.

Clear Lake's boat launch..click on picture to follow boating rules!

Clear Lake park
Our view--Clear Lake usually ends at the dark line in the middle of the new "lake".


Shirley said...

Whoa! That's a lot of water!

AlaneM said...

Yowza!! Chris stays with a family we know in Cle Elum 2 times a week...but this week he couldn't get to their house & had to get a room in E-burg. The family was stuck at home too, they live on the old hwy 10 - crazy weather...I liked the snow MUCH better!

ryan and kristi said...

that brings back memories of rowing a little boat down the road to meet the school bus. when you're 10(ish), a flood is soooo exciting! thank goodness for a cozy little cabin on the hill, eh?

Troy and Lisa said...

We were wondering what Swan Rd. looked like! So glad you decided to go a different way. :) This weather has been crazy!