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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Catching up

Tucker (above) looks forward to a warmer winter up north! :o)--see comment section~

Terry makes a log railing for our front porch. He starts with raw logs in bottom picture. Then he peels them with a drawknife. He then uses his new fancy tool to cut out the ends. Then he clamps it all together. Of course this takes longer than it sounds. Lots of peeling! I do enjoy his hobby~~and of course he does too!

Fall fotos

We've had a gorgeous fall!

International dinner at Delany's

Rhonda and Trevor (helped by Fiona) hosted a lovely dinner for some couples from both sides of the border. It was very elegant and delicious. And we realized again that there are no borders to what we enjoy together!


Troy and Lisa said...

Wow what a fabulous railing you will have - can't wait to see it! Terry does amazing things with wood!

Looks like a very elegant dinner, indeed.

Kelly and Janae said...

ok, love that tucker is in the top photo- sad that his name didn't get a mention. that is why we will be taking him out of your custody shortly! seriously the railing looks great, now I understand more about that tool dad was talking about, and the birch looks lovely-- can't wait to see it at thanksgiving!

Log home living said...

Poor Tucker--the forgotten child--he will be glad to be spoiled up north this winter!

Sandra Ramey said...

A log home....how nice! We're coming to see you....and the house!
Lovely to catch up and see what you're doin'.