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Monday, October 20, 2008

Our Kindergarten Weekend....

We spent the weekend with Dan, Ton and the girls. Had scrumptious meals (pumpkin/sausage fettechini--sp-)pumpkin ice cream (like pumpkin pie!) and wonderful Sunday "roasted" dinner. The girls kept giggling when they'd go to bed, not believing that we weren't going home. It was so nice to wake up to their giggles too!

Julia has her first "big swing" experience. "I want the big swing Uncle Terry!"

A familiar sight: Above, Saturday night is about pumpkins.
below: Sunday, Uncle Terry reads the "comics".

Monday Morning--we are off for a morning of helping with Tonya in Jacqueline's Kindergarten classroom. Wow--those teachers earn their pay. After hopscotching patterns, making apple trees, listening centers, and doing a math lesson--we were exhausted and it was only 10:50. Her teacher is a wonderful, kind lady with lots of patience. And we both thought that teaching that age is delightful if you have lots of energy. They are full of "wonder" and "zeal"--excited for the next activity! She's ready for her day--excited to be going to school!

Of course teacher's wonderful--notice that Starbuck's cup!--no wonder she has energy!

Then on the way home we stop at a favorite spot in Woodinville. We could spend a week in there!

Terry's cousin Audrey comes to visit for a few days.

Last weekend:
We head to Goldendale for Lon's celebration. His new little guy is making Daddy pretty happy!
Most of the Myers clan-minus LB.--We went on to have a very nice weekend with them in Tri-Cities.


Troy and Lisa said...

We're sure the girls loved having Uncle Terry and Auntie Donna at their house for the weekend! And the kindergartners were sure to love their teacher helpers today! Glad you had fun.

Kelly and Janae said...

loved all the pics. thanks for posting bud and ann's family photo -- so great to see all of them.

Sandra Ramey said...

What a thrill to run across your blog on Jean and Darin's blog!!! We miss you guys...you were our first "parents in training" helpers, remember?? Come see us at

Mochas, Mountains and Moby Wraps said...

i love the sunday comics picture - SO cute! what a fun weekend ...