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Monday, July 7, 2008

Southern California

Terry had wanted to see the LaBrea Tar Pits in downtown LA for 55 years! So he was delighted to finally see it. It was fascinating and well worth the wait. Sally had wanted to see it too and she was a great tour guide for much of our stay! Double click to enlarge photo.

We went out to Morino Valley for a lovely week with our friends there.

Joey was a favorite! Hmmm...can he fly?

Dilu and Ianthi are great BBQ grillers!

We head for the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley. It was in a beautiful spot overlooking the Pacific on a clear day. Most delightful was Air Force One--polished and gleaming.
An actual piece of the Berlin Wall.
Simi Valley

We visit Malibu Beach. Wow..it really is beautiful. Perfect temperature and warm water.

A familiar sight, Sally looking for shells.

We stayed most of our time here with Nancy and Merritt. What a wonderful couple and Scoobey was another very big hit!

Taking Scoobey for a walk was a most hilarious journey! He would "herd" us to the door after dinner. I think he was a "people"!


farmermarvswife said...

Hi - Donna -- I found your blog a few weeks ago while 'lurking' so want to be in touch. You are probably wondering who this is - well I'm your acquaintance from long time ago - Minnie Murray. I met Gretchen at Post Falls 3 yrs. ago. Enjoyed your pictures from visiting her on Guam - we were there in 2000 when Julia B. was still there. Won't add more here but feel free to check our blog - I think the link will show up. Minnie

Kelly and Janae said...

lovely to see the pictures! Happy Birthday Mom ;0) hee hee.

Boyd Family said...
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AlaneM said...
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