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Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Princess turns 5!

Grandma Susie makes a "dream castle" cake. It really was a masterpiece!

"Oh dear--is my knight in shining armor here?--What do I do now?" Jacqueline is in the braids peering out at the "brave knight". Julia at this point began yelling, "Daddy, Daddy, come here NOW!" I think she thought she needed protection from the protector!

Our knight had the party-goers dubious about who he was and what to do with him?? It was later, much to Jaqueline's joy and Julia's immense relief, that it turned out to be Uncle Terry!

How do princesses do ladders and slides?

Beautiful Snow White, maybe your birthday theme could be "The Rugrats"?


Kelly and Janae said...

wow- dad its going to be hard to top this one..that is some cardboard skill.

AlaneM said...

How cute are all those princesses??? Adah would have been in heaven :)
Nice outfit Terry...who needs santa claus, we've got a knight!!
God bless!

Mochas, Mountains and Moby Wraps said...

Wow, what a very cool birthday party!! They're setting the bar pretty high ... don't tell Toriana for awhile, ok?? =)