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Monday, November 26, 2007

Thankful for family and friends!!

Lachlan and Coie come Thanksgiving morning to visit. We have a quick visit and the"boys" all play a bit with the remote F-J's that Terry and Justin got.As you can see, more than boys enjoyed the F-J track! It was quite challenging to keep them on it. It was pretty much "over the hills,rocks and valleys" we go!
Ok, these things are built tough--let's see how they take the cliff. Yep. We thought so, head over tea kettle. But a few times some strategy was involved and they made it to the bottom.
Dinner! All brought food and we ate until we were sick (is there any other way?). Kel's brother Chris,Ang and boys were here for a couple nights as were Dan, Ton and girls and Justin, Naz and Kel.
We had a marvelously wonderful time and realized we have so much to be thankful for in our families, friends and fellowship.

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3boys'mom said...

How fun to see your holiday pictures, and of course to see my buddy Tonya and her darling girls!!!