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Saturday, October 20, 2007

A visit "back home"..........

The Braves!
13 years ago, we spent a lot of time on these bleachers with these same wonderful friends. Last wkend, it was a beautiful, crisp fall football evening. It didn't seem that long ago that we watched Justin(and our friends' sons!) play for the Braves and Janae singing the National anthem on this field. When Justin played('94) it was the last year before turf. I saw Justin's entire senior year through the lens of a video camera.
Cheering them on last Fri. night were the Rathbuns(Kirk and Kelly-Monte and Ginny), Myers,Mussers, Berglins, Flippos, and John Sherling. Jake Musser (Boise)popped in (he and Terry are buddies), and it was so nice to see him.
It was great fun and brought back fond memories of our football days. John and Arden joined us back then (they were out of town). We had sausage roasts in our backyards after the games. Very good times that remind us of our good friends "back home".
P.S. They won..again....in the last 26 seconds!
Monte and Ginny hosted a wonderful "brunch" and us all weekend!! Wonderful hosts for sure!!
Who's this good-looking pair? They are going to Guam with us next year and we were pretty excited talking about that trip!
We see our wonderful former neighbors, David and Joanne. Across the street, Toro RD looked pretty much the same. We realized again how much lawn we had!!


Boyd Family said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun...back to your old stomping grounds. Thanks for all your help today Terry...we both really appreciated it. Thanks Donna for letting him take most of the day to come and help too!

ryan and kristi said...

bummer! we missed you all. might have been at that game had we not been visiting family in your neck of the woods. looking good guys! not too young...not too old. tee hee. kristi

Jake said...

It was great seeing both of you! Wish I could have came earlier. You will have to let me know if those pictures you took turned out. The one from my mom's iPhone did not turn out the best. Hope to see you again soon!