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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Monte's new car

Monte has a new car. As he, Ginny and Corrin went in the dusty barn and uncovered the '66 T-Bird, all eyes were on the condition. It has been under a tarp since '89 when it belonged to Corrin and Monte's uncle Dale. The condition was fabulous. Corrin's fancy truck and car hauler with a hydraulic winch made it pretty simple to load. BTW, Corrin always has a fancy truck.
The night before this they spent the night with us and we rode out to LaConner for dinner. We took our Honda-- cars not known for roomy back seats. The guys were all back there and we haven't laughed that hard in a LONG time. There were lots of jokes about our "sagging"behind as we drove down the road. Maybe the next time they come we'll have a roomier car!...but it won't be nearly as much fun!
......and in the trunk, Ginny saw the mice nest(YIKES!), the guys were elated by the missing hubcap!

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