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Monday, August 6, 2007

kids + dog

What a cute bunch. Lachlan, Cohen, Natalia and Johanna entertain our neighbor's dog "Bone". He's pretty much older than dirt but struggles laboriously up the hill to the smell of the BBQ.


Boyd Family said...

Have you ever seen a cuter or happier face? Yep, I'm talking about "Bone". Okay, the other 4 are much cuter, but "Bone" does take a great picture! Thanks for the good food and most of all wonderful fellowship!

Lane and Sylvia said...

Oh My Goodness we love the dog. Sylvia used to have one of those named "Monte".
p.s. The kiddos are adorable.

The Read family said...

Fun picture - thanks for the good eats and visit on Sunday. Was great to be together. Looking forward to good days this week and next! Christina