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Friday, July 13, 2007

Big Sky Country

It truly is "Big Sky" and everytime we go back we are amazed at the amazing breadth of it! It stretches on forever. Images remind of our roots. Without these amazing people of our past, we would not be what we are. We think of those kin of long ago and not so long ago and appreciate all they mean to us now.


Deanna Huddle said...

Beautiful country. I have been looking at Alissa's pictures and marveling at what a beautiful country Ireland is and now yours. God created a very marvelous, awesome place.
Katie always says - if we don't know where we've come from, we can't figure out where we're going!
Welcome back, by the way!

Boyd Family said...

These pictures are just gorgous you guys! Wow. Looks like you had a wonderful, fast trip. Welcome back!

steph said...

when were u in montana?

Log home living said...

Well we weren't there long--5 days and I realized that we only saw one-fifth of the family! Next time we'll head further east!!