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Saturday, July 28, 2007

"Back Aboard"--read story below first!!

He did surface with his hat but took it off to dry. Hmmmm......guess a few other things need to dry too!
Ok, later that evening there were some big catches (other than the man that was netted) and these crappie are very delicious. Ok, they're not very big catches but they are good. As you can see, 3 hrs after the 'man overboard' event, Kelsay (and Cody) are still grinning.


Barb said...

What a hoot!! Travis and I would have loved to have been in a boat nearby! We're glad nothing was damaged but your pride and your cell!

Deanna Huddle said...

Great picture, Terry. It seems like everytime you and your boat go out, you get wet. Your Baker Lake fishing trip was pretty soggy!

Lane and Sylvia said...

Glad Terry is ok after taking a spill. Scary, but it's neat that it ended with a laugh after all. I think Dad has a story like that too from years ago.
I have a cd for you and one for G when I see you next... Milltown...